Sponsorship Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

We are gearing up for the 9th Annual “Lady’s CoCo Classic: Reel Women Fishing for a Cause”; which will be held in Cocodrie, LA at the Coco Marina July 18-20th, 2024. If you are not aware of this event it is held to raise awareness for autism, fundraise for the Tri-Parish
Community, and also fundraise for the organization Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy organization that is dedicated to creating an inclusive world for all individuals with autism. Autism Speaks does this through advocacy, services, support, research, innovation, and advances in care for autistic individuals and their families. Over previous years, the Lady’s CoCo Classic has raised and donated thousands of dollars to assist Autism Speaks with their dedication to creating this inclusive world. Not only
does the Lady’s Coco Classic support Autism Speaks, this event also gives direct support to our Tri-Parish community by directing funds to local schools in order to support sensoryfocused rooms. With this dual effort, we support local advocacy as well as reaching out towards organizations that collaborate together for the same goal – to provide more assistance to those affected by autism.

To help us with this goal, we are asking for sponsorships from local businesses and individuals such as you. By giving to this annual event, you will be supporting Autism Speaks as well as helping to provide assistance to those in our local communities. As a thank you for your support your contribution will be recognized on our website and onsite throughout our event.

The Lady’s Coco Classic is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on the support of its sponsors to help make a meaningful impact. As a registered 501(c)(3) all donations are taxdeductible, and proceeds go directly to the charity. We thank you for your time and hope that we can count on you for your support.

Thank you for your consideration,

Symantha Sevin
Lady’s CoCo Classic
(985) 855-4730


Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!

Sponsorship Form to be completed by Sponsors and mailed in with donation to:

4689 Bayouside Drive Lot B Chauvin, LA 70344

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